Teacher Jobs

The teaching profession is considered to be a noble one for teachers impart education to the students. Also, previously, education was imparted through Gurukuls, though nowadays the aspirants have to enroll in educational institutions. These include schools, colleges, coaching centers, and universities. Now, if you are looking to enter the teaching field, then first determine the type of teaching jobs that you are interested in. Decide whether you want to develop a career as a subject teacher in public / private schools or seeking to join coaching institutes or want to become a coach in clubs that teach sports like dancing, swimming or skating. Also, refer to the following details to know more about how you can have a career as a teacher.

School Teacher

If you want to teach in a public school, then consider securing a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) degree. Also, note that in private schools, teachers are selected via the stipulated policies. And if any candidate does not hold a B.Ed. degree and is qualified in their respective subjects, they are eligible to apply for teacher vacancies in schools as well.

College Professor

To apply for vacancies of professors in public colleges, the applicants are required to clear the National Eligibility Test (NET) or State Eligibility Test (SET). Alternatively, for applying to professor positions in private colleges, the candidate having expertise in the prescribed subjects suffices.

Coaching Institutes

For a teacher job at coaching institutes, the candidates only should have thorough knowledge in the subject areas that they are applying for. No entrance exam is conducted to recruit teachers at coaching centers because they are privately managed. All the same, to coach students for professional courses like Company Secretary (CS) or Chartered Accountancy (CA), the aspirant has to be a professional in the specified field. As such, they should have degrees or diplomas and the particular subject must be part of their course curriculum. Also, qualified doctors are eligible to coach students who are appearing for medical entrance exams like NEET. Similarly, management graduates / engineers from premier colleges such as IIMs / IITs are qualified to take coaching of aspiring candidates who are applying for management / engineering courses. Further, high school graduates can take tuitions of primary level pupils.


You can, also, avail the option of joining as a coach with various clubs, NGOs, schools, colleges or community centers. Here, you can train pupils in different indoor or outdoor activities such as chess, skating, swimming, badminton, tennis, among others. Even so, you should have played the stipulated game at various levels and achieved accolades for your contribution to the sport. No other eligibility norms are specified for coach positions. Moreover, in some cases, the government offers jobs to national-level and international-level players under the ‘Sports’ quota.

Salaries of Teachers in India

In India, the teaching profession does not offer lucrative benefits. Also, the pay scale of teachers depends on the grades they are teaching. However, the salaries of teachers depend on the schools that they are applying to, in addition to the candidate’s qualification and experience. On average, entry-level high school teachers are paid 2.5 LPA; and the experienced lot, around 5 LPA. Besides, the teachers receive benefits such as pension, accommodation, and gratuity. Nevertheless, private education is witnessing a rise in demand, thus there is immense potential in this sector. So, hopefully, teachers’ salaries will be revised in the future. Then, maybe, more persons will choose the teaching profession.

Skills Required in the Teaching Profession

As a teacher, you should have a range of qualities to excel in the field. The primary virtue is patience for you have to deal with children of varied age groups. Other requisite skills that teachers must display include good communication and coordination skills.